About us

The “Santa Lucia di Magras” choir is a polyphonic male choir born in 1990 in Magras, a small hamlet of the Municipality of Malé (Trento, Italy). The choir’s repertoire consists almost exclusively of Cecilian music, polyphonic pieces in Latin language for manly voices, often accompanied by the organ or harmonium, which span the entire liturgical year. The choir has to its credit several concert performances in Italy and abroad (Czech Republic, Belgium, Germany etc). In 2003 it published the audio book entitled “The sacred voices of Cecilianism”, while in 2014 the cd “In the churches of Cecilianism”. In September 2010, for the twentieth anniversary, the choir organized the important study conference “Between Regensburg and Rome, Cecilianism in the Alpine valleys”. Over the years it has collected a significant heritage of Cecilian musical scores, forgotten in the sacristies of the churches in the area or donated by the families of the ancient choir directors, after the liturgical reform of the Second Vatican Council.

President: Flavio Mosconi
Director: Fausto Ceschi